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About Morton, IL - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Morton is a village in Tazewell County, Illinois is known for its pumpkins and annual Pumpkin Festival. The population is about 17,000. Morton, the home of Libby's pumpkin cannery and it is claimed that 85 percent of the world's canned pumpkin is produced in Morton. This has earned it its designation as "Pumpkin Capital of the World.” The town holds its Pumpkin Festival in the second week of September each year. The weather at that time of year is just perfect for being out and about and the pumpkins have just gotten ready to pick.  

Morton may be known for its pumpkins but it has garnered a range of recognition related to the quality of life. For example, Morton High School is ranked among the top schools in the state and nation again and again. “Family Circle” magazine name Morton one of "10 best towns for families" in 2013. The town is ideal for families because of the seasonal weather, friendly people, safe streets and fun community.

The Morton Chamber of Commerce holds the Pumpkin Festival each year and selects a special theme voted on by the general public.  Pumpkin Festival events include:


  • the Parades
  • Pageants
  • Entertainment
  • Competitions
  • Opening Ceremonies


All of the activities and festivities integrate costumes, songs, and other elements associated to that year’s theme. Here are some of the best themes from over the years:


  • 1973 Cinderella Land
  • 1977 Centennial’s Pumpkin
  • 1979 It’s a Pumpkin World
  • 1980 Pumpkin Country Round-Up
  • 1981 Pumpkin Patch Patriotism
  • 1983 Old Fashioned Pumpkin Picnic
  • 1985 The Great Pumpkin Circus
  • 1986 Pumpkin Festival Memories, 20 Years of Celebration
  • 1987 Pumpkins Go Hollywood
  • 1988 Pumpkins Go for the Gold
  • 1989 Pumpkins Around the World
  • 1990 We’re Off To See the Pumpkins
  • 1992 Fairytales on Parade
  • 1993 Pumpkin Paradise
  • 1997 Planet Pumpkin
  • 1998 Pumpkins go Prehistoric
  • 2000 Pumpkins on the Job
  • 2001 A Pumpkin Odyssey
  • 2002 Red, White & Blue in 2002
  • 2005 Great Pumpkins in History
  • 2006 40th Pumpkin Birthday Party
  • 2007 Pumpkins Go Hawaiian
  • 2008 Superhero Pumpkins
  • 2009 Christmas in the Pumpkin Patch
  • 2010 Pumpkin Splash
  • 2012 Peace, Love, and Pumpkins
  • 2013 Pumpkin Carnivale
  • 2014 Pumpkins of the West
  • 2015 Pumpkins of the Caribbean

The highlight of the festival every year, however, is the Punkin Chuckin' Contest. The tradition involves giant contraptions that hurl pumpkins in the air into an open field competing for the title of “Punkin' Chucker Supreme.”